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English debate report


Cha sina

In the first semester of my freshman year as a graduate student, I came across the epidemic again. The dormitories that I couldn't get out of every day, the sunshine that I couldn't see, and the fried chicken that I couldn't eat were also getting used to. At the beginning of the epidemic, we all thought that it would disappear inexplicably in a glorious early summer, just like SARS, but it survived with great tenacity after carrying disinfectant, bactericide, and vaccine. But the time stolen by the epidemic can witness the growth of spirit. In this war without gunpowder smoke, our study as graduate students is the most important thing.


  In this difficult environment, I want to add some luster to the students' study life. Therefore, an English debate was held in our research group. The debate was "Choose a job with high salary or a job you love". The positive side was "Choose a job with high salary", and the negative side was "Choose a job you love". The pros and cons are chosen freely by the participants in the WeChat group. There were 15 participants, 9 from the first grade and 6 from the second grade, and one referee from the third grade. Two teachers of our research group also participated in the English debate. There are two main steps in this debate. The first step is that each of the pros and cons describes a statement of their own argument, and the students each tell their own views within five minutes. The second step is that the pros and cons debate freely for five minutes. We are nervous about simultaneous interpreting for the first time in the English debate, but fortunately all of us actively participated in this English debate. They also bravely stated their own views. The original purpose of holding this English debate is to make everyone's writing in English turn into listening and speaking, so that we can have a better context, and everyone's English level also needs to be improved. In terms of topic selection, this topic has also been selected from many debates. Because as a graduate student, we are facing the challenge of entering the society after three years of graduation. We choose the path of graduate students not only to have more choices than others in terms of employment in the future, but also to study hard in one third of our life path. Our final choice of employment determines everything in our life. In fact, this argument can coexist in a sense, because when people choose their favorite work, why don't we try harder to do it well, and go to the top of the industry to ensure our wealth.


Through this fight against the disease, I realized that the epidemic is merciless, but people's hearts are warm. Therefore, in this irresistible society, the only thing we can change is our own mentality. We cannot delay our beautiful youth because of the epidemic. The epidemic will eventually pass, but our youth will not come back. We should cherish the current time, work hard, make breakthroughs, change ourselves, but accept the imperfections of the world, and make our lives more exciting. Technology has created the network, but the network has provided us with many resources. We can explore the outside world through this telescope. Although we can't walk out of our dormitories, we can find out what is happening in the outside world through the network. As a graduate student, we should learn self-discipline. Even if there is a smoke war outside, we should settle down to learn. Only when a person has great wisdom and knowledge in his head can he stand in this society, contribute his own strength to the society and serve the country faithfully.

Online class has its advantages as well as its disadvantages - poor network speed, which may cause a jam from time to time, directly affecting the viewing mood and learning efficiency. However, in online classes, when encountering these difficulties, they will search for knowledge on the Internet themselves, so that they have more knowledge. This online class has had a great impact on me. It makes me want to learn more well, especially in some subjects. I also have a great interest in learning. I know how I want to learn. I am more efficient and more active. I am also very impressed by the opportunity of this online class, which makes me more willing to learn. For us science students, learning English is the most boring. We can neither calculate it with formulas nor do a few sets of tests to improve our performance. Learning language is a long journey. We need to enjoy the beautiful scenery and get many cultures during this journey. I always think that learning English needs to be accumulated over time. Only by building a solid wall with blocks of words can you stand on it and see a better view. So I hope that in the future, I can have more opportunities to improve my English.

We often hear about people's various dreams. Each dream sounds beautiful, but in reality, we rarely see people who are really tenacious and go all out to realize their dreams. People are keen to talk about dreams, and regard them as a mantra, a kind of comfort to the boring and poor life day after day. Many people live with their dreams all their lives, but never seriously try to realize their dreams. Only human beings can dream and turn dreams into reality. No dream, no wonderful life. Dreams are people's yearning for the future. It means the life that has not been experienced, the infinite possibilities, the unexpected surprises, and the confidence in yourself. But what prevents people from realizing their dreams? We heard so many reasons. For example, if you want to travel to a certain place, but do not have enough money, you want to learn English, but do not have enough time; Want to pursue someone, but feel that the conditions are not mature enough and so on. People seldom attribute the reason to themselves for things they can't do or haven't done yet. They often habitually look for some external reason to excuse themselves, relax, and then continue to live their mediocre life, letting their dreams lie in a corner of their body and sleep soundly. In fact, external factors account for only a small part of the reasons for whether you can realize your dreams, while subjective factors are the main reasons for whether you can realize your dreams.


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