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EMC&D Lab“优才计划”招生启事


The EMC&DLab Talent


    The EMC&DLab Talent (EMC&DLab“优才计划”) is a training project supported by the EMC&DLab (Key Laboratory of Excitonic Materials Chemistry & Devices) and by the College of Chemistry and Environmental Science, IMNU). It is developed to support training excellent undergraduate students who possess scientific and teaching research talent. Selection of the EMC&DLab Talent will be opened from each September. Every year, it is planned to select 8, 8 and 4 talents from the first-, second- and third-year undergraduate students. The selected numbers could be however different to the planned, depending on the lab situations such as financial supports and staff.


How to Apply


    The EMC&DLab Talent are open for all students who are interesting.

    All applicants shall prepare documents as follows

· CV

· Personal statement (including interest, career planning, personality, capabilities, and others which you think could support your application)

· English level (CET-4 or CET-6, TOFFL and GRE if available)

· Transcript (For the first year students, transcript of the University Entrance Examination is needed)

and then send all the documents to Prof. Chuanlang Zhan (email: clzhan@imnu.edu.cn).


The 2020 - EMC&DLab Talent


    2020 is the first year for the EMC&D Lab and for the EMC&DLab Talent Project. The selection of the 2020-EMC&DLab Talent was started from November 12, 2020 on which day a lecture to all of the college undergraduate students was given by Professor Chuanlang Zhan. Finally, 24 talent undergraduate students were selected after two-steps - first examination and then interview, including 12, 8 and 4 of the first-, second- and third-year students, respectively.


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