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​Strive to pursue your dream, live up to your youth


First year graduate Student    Shi Xiaoyu

In the autumn of 2022, a sudden epidemic quietly entered the campus. Under the emergency quiet management of the school, each of us is safe and healthy. Although the online class mode has been implemented, students have not abandoned their studies. Everyone is taking their studies seriously, absorbing knowledge and striving for progress. On October 27, in order to enrich the students ' after-school life during the isolation period, improve their oral English level, and cultivate their critical thinking ability and language expression ability. We have carried out a fierce online English debate competition with the topic of ' Will you choose a high-paying job or a love job '.

The debate was hosted by the first-year graduate student Chasina, and the third-year graduate student Zhang Pengyu was the referee. As early as a few days ago we have been familiar with the rules of the debate, to determine their own side, I choose the square: choose a high-paying job. And access to a large number of data, made adequate preparation.

First of all, it is the argument of the square: everyone is eager to be recognized, high salary is a positive feedback of the value of workers ' work, so that workers feel that their value is affirmed, thus stimulating a sense of spiritual achievement, spiritual pleasure and satisfaction. A study conducted by psychologists at the University of Berlin showed that people get pleasure when they gain social identity. Everyone wants to have status, prestige, be trusted and highly valued by others. This need is met, which can make people confident in themselves, passionate about society, and experience the value of their life. Salary makes workers directly feel the boss ' evaluation of their work. High salary makes workers feel that their work value is highly affirmed. Low salary will make workers feel that they are exploited and squeezed without receiving and paying equal remuneration. The value of work has been affirmed accordingly. High-paid workers have a sense of achievement that their work value is affirmed, and they receive positive feedback incentives in spirit. This positive incentive is bringing a strong temptation to pursue high-paid work.

Followed by the opposite side of the argument, they say that choosing a job they like, will not only bring themselves self-realization, the most important thing is to make themselves happy. That 's not to say there are no challenges or setbacks in doing what we love. It 's just that our passion can keep us longer and reach our undiscovered potential. Choosing a job you like can cheer you up. Use this time to work hard and improve your skills. This time is an investment in becoming stronger and adding value to your future. Inamori Kazuo that : as long as the love of work, as long as the pure motivation, strong desire, no less than anyone ' s efforts, can be moved by God, get casting.

They give many examples of famous people to refute us. But we also have a lot of output. Then we carried out a tense and fierce free debate, the two sides contended for each other, so that the debate atmosphere heated up to the white-hot stage. At the same time seized the other loopholes were attacked.

In fact, I think if you reach a certain ability, you can also choose a high salary and like the job. However, if the two cannot be combined, I will think that salary is the most direct measure of the value of the work. If the salary is high, I can think that the work recognizes me and needs my value. At the same time, the high salary means that I have more choice space and more room. If you always choose what you like, is it not to reject the infinite possibility of life ? We want to get out of the comfort circle, to learn to grow, I no longer like and hate as our only criterion for judging and choosing a thing. Choose a low-paid job you like, you choose to escape, do not like is stagnant, and I choose to break through, to overcome my dislike.

Finally, Zhang Pengyu summarized the activity, and the teacher also evaluated the activity, and the activity was successfully concluded. Although it is the first time to hold an English debate, I have only participated in the Chinese debate before, but I really learned a lot. The only downside is that the event was a little short. This English debate not only enriches our extracurricular life, but also expands our horizons and enhances our teamwork ability. In the process of participating in the competition, we are thinking and exploring. Looking forward to we can in the future work and life, maintain this attitude and belief, diligent thinking, good exploration, will be more passion and strength into learning life! Although the epidemic is now some serious, but we can not abandon our studies, to be responsible for themselves, learn self-regulation. To maintain inner peace, sink down to read more books, let knowledge add value for themselves. Thank the teacher for providing us with such a platform. Finally, I hope that the epidemic will pass as soon as possible, quickly resume offline learning and life, waiting for the day of spring bloom.










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